Our fleet consists of platform-type vehicles of 13,6m length, which have permanent permissions for transportation of oversized cargo. The platforms are also equipped with inroads, which allows the transportation of vehicles and agricultural machinery. We also offer low-chassis semitrailers and curtain-type semitrailers of 13,6m length, 24 tons of carrying capacity and up to 2,75m height and mega-type semitrailers up to 3m. These vehicles meet the criteria of EURO V and VI exhaust emission and are equipped with TeleMatic vehicle tracking system allowing the vehicle localisation and the contact with a driver. We also cooperate with a wide variety of steadfast entrusted hauliers and owing to that we have almost unlimited possibilities of goods transport organisation from any place in the world to their destination.


Max. Capacity



Unlimited possibilities - we ship worldwide
Our vehicles fulfil the restrictive criteria of exhaust fumes emission norms - EURO V i VI
Our vehicles are equipped with vehicle location system and remote communication with the driver.